Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ocean's 11 (1960)

   Ocean's 11 is a great movie featuring the rat pack plus a few others. While the dialogue was hard to follow at first, I soon caught up and got engrossed in the story. They didn't change much in the remake so if you have seen the more recent one with George Clooney and Brad Pitt you know the general premise. Brilliant thieves in Las Vegas trying to rob the bank. A little less technology was used but they did have some sweet spy stuff back in the 60s! I actually prefer the original to the remake, so if you haven't seen it yet I would recommend it. I got the original and the three newer ones in one dvd case for $15 at target, which is a steal! Sidenote- it would be awesome to be a lawyer who only deals in copyright things like handling a remake of a movie. It would be awesome to be a lawyer in general. But anyway check this movie! Super smooth and suave! 7.5/10!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sukiyaki Western Django

   When one hears the words "Japanese Western" one is left to assume that the mind will be blown. Especially when Quentin Tarantino's name is posted on the awesome steel dvd case. Well that was me last night when I spent a good amount of time trying to pick out a new movie to buy. All the actors are Japanese except for Quentin Tarantino who is really only in the movie for 2 scenes. All of these Japanese actors speak in english the entire time, and it is pretty obvious that the majority of them that have only one or two lines don't speak english. My best description for it if you haven't seen it is to picture the comic book esque gore of the Kill Bill's, give it a struggling story line that is difficult enough to keep the viewer's attention, add some of that Asian film cheese, mix it all together and throw it in way over saturated colors and you have your Sukiyaki Western Django alright.

       Now while I do sound cynical about all of this (which I am because I wasn't that entertained) it was pretty cool. I know you remember the gore in Kill Bill and how blood exploded out of paper cuts and etc etc, well that's similar to what this movie was like. So all the action scenes were thoroughly bad ass. There was also a machine gun in a couple scenes (awesome) so if you think you can withstand the spotty storyline, give it a view.


Friday, September 24, 2010

The Shining (1980)

    Kubrick's, The Shining has been held as one of the best psychological horror movies of all time and I would mostly have to agree with that. It takes you on a couple month journey transitioning from the hotter seasons into winter as a man and his family move into a hotel to watch it for the down season. As the movie goes on, Jack Nicholson's character gets more and more angry and seemingly crazy. Personally I thought it was a little bit too slow paced in the beginning, but Kubrick likes it like that I suppose. Once the movie kicked into action though, I couldn't think of anything else happening outside of the film. There are many horrifying scenes that will haunt you in nightmares for the following months after viewing, including the twin girls that want to play, the dead woman that Nicholson finds and kisses and the bartender going down on that bear demon thing.

    Like always this film is awesome and I recommend it, blah blah blah, it's basically a classic and pop culture references it so much for jokes and whatnot so you should probably see it just for that reason.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

What movies would you guys like to see reviewed?

I have seen many a movie, and I'm just curious as to what movies my readers are into. Suggest a movie for me to review and I'll do it! Chances are I've already seen it so it should be fine, but if I haven't I'll get on the ol Netflix and give it a watch. Reply in a comment!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Twilight Samurai

   Well as always spoilers are here so if you plan on watching this movie I would skip down to the second paragraph. This is by far the best samurai/martial arts movies I've seen in the last 5 years. It takes an interesting view on Japanese samurai during what I would guess is the Edo period, showing that Japanese samurais still looked at being a samurai as a monotonous task comparable to an office job of the 21st century. It also is a pretty in depth view on the main character who is an awkward, tired man who wants nothing more than to perform these daily routines in peace and wait for death. He does not want to advance in his life nor does he want to change anything. He is used to the things that he has come to tolerate and is seemingly afraid of change (shown by him denying his life-long love for the reason that he is afraid of things changing). Overall he ends up maturing and becoming a little more happy towards the end when he is forced to fight which I thought was pretty awesome because it made him finally break out a little bit. That brought him to accept his love's hand in marriage. Such an awesome ending. those last 15 minutes blew my mind.

   If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest it. Such an awesome story. The pace is slower, but it just shows how life was back then (well how I imagine it would be). The characters are all insanely developed and it is good basic storytelling at it's best. 8.5/10


Alright well I watched the Twilight Samurai and also Homicide yesterday (both incredible movies) that I will put up reviews for later on. Twilight Samurai was long and slow and that's what made it so good in my opinion. Also Homicide was an awesome cop story about a jewish cop. Good good things. But I must go to my classes to learn musical theory and sing song singing songs. So those movies will come later today. ^_^

Monday, September 20, 2010

There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood is a movie that I could watch hundreds of times and still not be tired of its genius. This blog post should actually be called There Will Be Spoilers, so if you haven't seen the movie I would suggest skipping to the second paragraph unless you want an awesome movie semi-ruined for yourself. Daniel Day-Lewis plays one of the best characters in my opinion that have ever been created. We are never told why he is so angry to begin with, maybe it is his love for money that corrupts himself, but what's certain is he is a man full of hate and bitterness and enough anger to take down an entire city. And this isn't shown by him walking around being rude to people, but rather by him getting more and more frustrated at life. I feel as if the ending scene in which he forces Eli to claim that he is a false profit totally is mocking the scene that happens many many years ago  when Eli forces Daniel to proclaim to the entire church and town that he abandoned his child and is a sinner. Such an awesome and realistic take on things in my opinion.

    Anyway, if you haven't seen it I recommend it. Or really any of Paul Thomas Anderson's movies. He is easily in my top 5 favorite directors. All of his characters always have so many levels and in addition to the soundtrack selections and original scores, he creates a world of chaos and panic in a seemingly simple lifestyle.


    Alright, everyone knows the whole zombie movie genre has become crazily diluted since Dawn of the Dead first came out and blew everyones mind. Well with that being said, let's just say I wasn't expecting much from the 2008 Canadian "zombie" movie, Pontypool. Let's also just say my low expectations were exceeded like a mother after I finished watching it. Pontypool is a very refreshing take on the same old story. The main character is a radio show host who experiences first hand the effect of this new zombie disease that is taking over his small town. They first start to realize that something isn't right when BBC calls in to their radio show to see what is going on with their town, which would never happen as they are in the middle of a small town in Canada. While I thought some of the character's reactions were a little unrealistic, it didn't take away from the entertainment. Definitely watch this if you get a chance!


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Me and You and Everyone We Know

   I thought I would take the time this morning while playing hookie from the rest of my classes to review a very entertaining and thought provoking movie, Me and You and Everyone We Know. It was written, directed and starred Miranda July who is awesome. If you haven't checked out any of her art it's really neat stuff. In the same vain as a Kimya Dawson song (simple but uplifting). While the story and characters were incredible, quirky, and beautiful, I think the soundtrack made the movie for me. I watched the movie in February and the soundtrack album is already in my top 5 most played on Last.fm. It's an awesome story of a simple life and love and beauty everywhere, definitely check it out. I hate reading plots because I start having expectations so I won't reveal any details to you.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Until tomorrow

it is late and I am going to bed. but here is something awesome to hold you eager readers over until the morrow comes and slaps us in the face at 7:00 AM

First post!

Alright, well I've decided to make this blog to keep track of my random mumblings and thoughts and possibly I will upload media content that I've created. As for right now all I have to say is I am one stressed cookie with all this school work and lack of income. Also I have decided to try to create the most depressing piece of art one has ever set their sights on, using only my watercolor animation technique I've been perfecting over the last 2 years and lots and lots of sound. Also random videos of people and objects and lovebugs which are going crazy around in Florida right now. Alright well that's my story for now!